Our company provides 'Ilex crenata' products already for more than 20 years. We focus on the increasing demand of green-colored woody plants.

In the beginning, the demand asked mostly the yellow-colored 'Golden Gem'. During that period, there was a noticeable growth of appearing illnesses, e.g. 'Cylindrocladium buxicola' (cannot be cured and damages shoots) and 'Volutella buxi' and vermins, too. These circumstances have influenced the markets; the demand of 'Buxus' decreased and the demand of green-colored and appropriate alternative 'Ilex crenata' increased.

'Ilex crenata' comes from Eastern Asia and can be used for pruning in a convenient way which is necessary for the creation of shaped woody plants. It is suitable for hedges and green areas. There are already some developed and grown types of the plant that can be used in different ways, depending on purpose and place, respectively. A small product offer can be viewed here: 'Our current product portfolio' - 'Ilex crenata'.

Our product portfolio consists of products which are available during the most time of the year (9,5cm/10 Vol flower pot). On the one hand, the products can be ordered as containers (24cm/6l and 32cm/15l). On the other hand, you have also the choice to get shaped round products (30cm and 50cm diameter).